Children in the sauna: How to make sweating a family fun

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Children in the sauna: How to make sweating a family fun

Especially when it’s cold outside, a day of wellness a visit to the sauna is a good idea. This is not only good for the soul – but also healthy. This is because sweating strengthens our immune system. But what about children: when are the little ones allowed a sauna visit – and what should you be mindful of? We’ll tell you…

After a long day on the ski slopes, do you want to warm up with the kids in the sauna? A good idea! Here you’ll find out at what age children can take a sauna without hesitation – and what else needs to be considered:

At what age can I take my child to the sauna?

A sauna is balm for the soul – and is also good for the body. This applies to adults as well as to children. In Finland, babies go to the sauna for the first time at the age of a few months. In this country, however, doctors recommend that the little ones should be at least four years old. However, it is difficult to set a general age limit, because it always depends on the individual maturity of the child. The sauna is a place where visitors want to relax. Therefore, the children should be able to behave calmly.

Is a visit to the sauna healthy for my child?

Yes! Provided there are no diseases. The heat loosens the muscles and boosts the circulatory system. In addition, such a sauna is like a boot camp for the immune system. As a result, you are no longer so susceptible to colds in winter. However, the sauna sessions in children should be dosed well so as not to overload the circulation. Three to a maximum of six minutes is sufficient at the beginning. And no more than two passes.

What temperature is good for my child?

Especially during the first sauna session, it is advisable not to go straight into the hottest cabin with the kids. It’s best to start at 60 degrees and see how the little ones cope with the temperatures. Keep a close eye on your children. Does it feel comfortable? How is the breathing? Since warm air rises, it’s best to find a seat in the bottom row. Caution: Please do not take part in infusions with children – and beware of steam baths. They are not as hot, but the humidity in the room is higher and makes it difficult for children to breathe.

And after the sauna?

Most adults swear by the cold shock after the sauna. Children, on the other hand, should rather cool down mildly with lukewarm water in the shower. It is also important that they drink plenty of fluids, as the body has lost a lot of fluids through sweating.


From the age of four, children can be taken to the sauna without hesitation if there are no health impairments. By the way: Have you already tried the sauna in our house? In our wellness area, two sauna cabins with different temperatures and a steam bath await you. Enjoy!

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