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Sporthotel Achensee

Home leave at Lake Achen

The family paradise at Lake Achen is a beautiful place on this earth. Nestled between the enchanting Achensee and the breathtaking Tyrolean Alps. A home where you can feel comfortable and let go. A spot in the Austrian mountains that invites us to become a part of something wonderful.

But what awakens this unique feeling of being at home? The lake in which the mountains are reflected. Nature with all its flowers, forests and animals. One cozy room and plenty of space to explore and relax. And of course the family. It’s the people you feel at home with. The children romping around in the green meadows. The parents who watch them with happy hearts. It is this interplay of feel-good places, unique nature and our team of wonderful, warm and caring people that make the Kinder- und Sporthotel Achensee a family paradise.

Experience wonderful family moments in nature.

The family paradise is framed by a landscape that invites you to be active and at the same time radiates a relaxing effect. The mountains, the lake, the forests – nature makes the hotel in Tyrol look like paradise.

Young and old will find their own personal space in the family paradise Sporthotel Achensee. Free space to move, explore, laugh and to make new friends. Freedom to relax, thoughts or simply to give them a free rein and thus create space for new ideas. The “Tyrolean Sea” with over 50 different sports is ideal for the whole family. From hiking, climbing and cycling, to golfing or water sports such as swimming, sailing and kitesurfing, fun is guaranteed, especially in summer.

Become aware. Be happy.

All this awaits our guests in our family-run hotel, where cordiality is lived and family happiness is the top priority. A matter of the heart, so to speak. We find confirmation in our actions in those moments when we hear a rousing child’s laughter and a smile appears on our lips. Treat yourself to your holiday in the beautiful mountain landscape, your time at the turquoise-blue Achensee, your moments in your home in Tyrol!

To become aware.

Be happy.