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Sporthotel Achensee

Holidays at Lake Achen

A real treat in Tyrol

A holiday at Lake Achen is a pleasure for all the senses.

With an area of 6.8 square kilometres, the largest lake in Tyrol is a popular holiday destination in summer and winter.

Surrounded by the magnificent mountains of the Karwendel and Rofan mountains, the holiday region offers countless alpine leisure and recreation activities for the whole family.


Flora and fauna

The excellent water quality (drinking water) as well as the sparsely developed shores make the Achensee a species-rich habitat. Numerous species of fish, birds and other small creatures find the best living conditions here – despite tourism!

Hiking and cycling at Lake Achen

If you want to get your children excited about a walk along the eastern shore of Lake Achensee, the Wusel Lake Trail is a great facility. On the almost four-kilometre-long car-free path from Maurach to Achenkirch – there are 16 exciting adventure stations to discover.

The “Alpine Animals Circular Hiking Trail” is a unique experience for the whole family.
Because there is a wide range of leisure activities, especially for children, the Achensee region is one of the quality-tested “Tyrolean family nests”.

The holiday region around Tyrol’s largest lake presents itself as a varied, family-friendly destination.


    Lake Achen is a real natural lake that was formed from glaciers from the surrounding mountains after the last ice age.

    The crystal-clear lake is flanked by the mountain slopes of the Karwendel massif and the Rofan mountains.

    Underground tributaries of the Ampelsbach, Dürrach and the Achenkirch springs supply the lake with water.

    The favourable altitude with a difference in altitude of 380 m to the Inn Valley makes Lake Achen a natural energy reservoir.

    As early as 1927, an underground tunnel was built from the Seespitz to the Jenbach hydroelectric power plant.

    The largest lake in Tyrol – the “Tyrolean Sea”

    The Achensee region is suitable for the whole family with over 50 different sports – from hiking and climbing to swimming, sailing and kitesurfing, especially in summer. That’s why Lake Achen has the name “multi-generational holiday region”.

    If you stand on the shores of Lake Achen, you will be offered a beautiful backdrop: beaches with turquoise-blue water, sailors and surfers chasing over the waves, and excursion boats with satisfied holiday guests on board.

    Lake Achensee makes the hearts of all water sports enthusiasts beat faster with its wide range of activities. Kitesurfing or sailing were exactly one of your sports? Two sailing schools, five sailing clubs, a kite school and a water sports centre offer something for everyone.

    Holidays are valuable time

    We don’t let boredom set in.

    Holidays together are valuable time.

    This should be well used.

    The family paradise Sporthotel Achensee offers many possibilities for joint family activities throughout the year.

    Experience magical holidays in our family hotel and enjoy the beauty of Tyrol!


    Enjoy the summer at Lake Achensee and let your mind wander.

    Whether horseback riding, golfing, cycling, hiking or many other activities – boredom: Nope!


    A winter holiday at Lake Achensee means fun, action and relaxation for the whole family.

    Start skiing directly from the hotel on the slopes or hike through the dreamlike winter landscape.