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Sporthotel Achensee

Yoga & Fitness at the Sporthotel Achensee

Switch off from everyday life, take a look at yourself and collect yourself – professionally guided yoga classes in our sports hotel help to do just that.

Through mental and physical exercises, body and soul become one.

From fitness yoga to tabata training to pilates and breathing meditation. Depending on the form of yoga, different emphases are placed. A noticeable result is the attainment of deep awareness and concentration.

Breathe in, calm down, breathe out and enjoy the moment like a small miracle that puts a smile on your face.

    Fit as a trainer.

    Exercise and physical fitness have a great influence on our personal well-being.

    How good it feels to feel fit and active.

    Our panorama fitness room offers you the opportunity to carry out your athletic training even on holiday. With a view of the Tyrolean mountains, you can perform a balanced workout for all muscle groups or improve your endurance on strength and cardio equipment. The wonderful nature around our Sporthotel Achensee also offers the perfect conditions for sporting activities. We would be happy to show you how you can gain energy and strength from nature through targeted forms of movement. Find the joy of the activity. The relaxing feeling after a good training session is best enjoyed in our wellness oasis.

    For personal well-being.

    Find inner peace with light exercises and sports.