Our regional heroes!

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

More than ever, we are being thrown back to basic questions of life. This also includes: What does it mean to deal responsibly with our wonderful nature and the resources available to us? How can each of us contribute to climate change and how do we personally contribute to preserving our blue home planet in its beauty and diversity for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

We think it starts with each and every one of us and every little step counts. Because together we can work miracles. In this way, the grown-ups among us become little superheroes, a role model for the whole family.

For us as hosts, this naturally also raises the question of regionality among our suppliers, fair conditions, the shortest possible distances and compliance with animal welfare regulations while maintaining consistent quality. That’s why we source everything we can from our regional producers. You could call them “homeland heroes”. They make the breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner of our holidaymakers and explorers super delicious and fair at the same time. And since we know the producers of our ingredients personally and maintain a friendly connection, we can put our hand in the fire for the food we offer.

So look forward to the carefully selected delicacies of our “Hood” and let your children consciously participate in this knowledge. Children are extremely interested in such things and sometimes in everyday life we forget to involve them in these topics in a positive and exciting way. How about a little plate quiz? How many kilometers has your breakfast been on the road to give you hero power and turbo energy for the start of the day?

Here is a small overview and at the same time a heartfelt thank you to our regional heroes, with whose ingredients we can spoil you:

  • From Achenkirch:
    Oven-fresh delicacies from the Adler bakery
    Best in-house production, such as Achental bacon products from the Maier butcher’s shop
    Tasty yoghurt and fresh milk from the organic farm Danler

  • Within a radius of 50 kilometres:
    Culinary delights at the EZEB bakery in the Zillertal
    Fairly produced meat from the Gasser butcher’s shop
    Full-bodied dairy products, such as cheese, cream and butter from the company Bergbauer
    Fresh food from Riedhart
    Fine Foods from Eisendle
    Excellent fish from the Kreuth fish farm
    Finest Darbo jam, according to the motto “The dreams of spring are made into jam in autumn”
    Fresh fruit and vegetables from Giner from Thaur
    Delicious drinks from Neururer, Merano or Gottardi

  • Austria:
    Full-bodied and tasty Salzburg beer from the Trumer brewery
    Wines from the delicatessen Döllerer from Kuchl
    Selected wines from Wein Wolf
    Treats from Transgourmet

    With this in mind, we hope you enjoy feasting in our family paradise Sporthotel Achensee!

    Stay healthy,
    The Hlebaina family