Why spend your winter holiday at the FSA

by | 19.02.2020 | Stories

Our list of happiness for snowy winter days

Children’s movies and books are full of them. Children’s eyes begin to shine and they can’t keep still because of the excitement. What is the situation?

The magical days when Miss Holle shakes her bed linen and the snowflakes fly down from the sky.

Beautiful snow with which you can start the first snowball fight or build the most amazing snowman with Dad. Aspiring racers can pull their sled up the hill and enjoy whizzing down afterwards. Especially when you get to know the glittering, flaky snow for the first time, young and old alike smile all over their faces. Because, the winter holidays are finally here.

What can holidaymakers experience with us? We are happy to tell you our list of happiness for the winter months:

  • Pure joy at the sight of the Tyrolean winter wonderland, which unfolds anew every year and amazes us all.
  • Bright eyes when girls and boys stand on skis and have made the first short ride on their own.
  • Sweaty hands when parents see their children skiing for the first time. Managed without falling down! How proud they are!
  • Relief when you come out of the hotel and are right at the ski lift. No traffic jams on the outward and return journey, but use the time gained in a different way.
  • Carefree cheerfulness when everyone meets in the Seealm, the voices almost roll over because everyone wants to be the first to report on their experiences on the slopes and the steaming Kaiserschmarrn is served.
  • Wonderful memories when mum feels transported back to her own time as a horse lover, when she is allowed to pick up her riding enthusiastic daughter from the horse stable in the evening. Often it is only in such moments that you notice how quickly time flies.
  • Infinite confidence when experienced riders in the saddles of sure-footed Haflinger and Icelanders tear over snow-covered paths and let the snow fly.
  • It’s amazing when children send their beloved parents away because playing with their new friends and caregivers is so much fun. Did they really grow up that fast?
  • Freedom, when mum and dad can also relax and enjoy the time for themselves.
  • Deep relaxation, when mom opens an exciting book for the first time in a long time and can enjoy a few hours without interruption. Because today Daddy romps through the indoor playground with the little ones
  • Thrills like in the old days when dad starts in the adult ski race. He is cheered on by his most loyal fans. Dad is the greatest!

The idea that you relive your own childhood as soon as you have children of your own is true for most of us. We wish all parents that they can enjoy this irretrievable time together with their little darlings.

By the way: It’s not always about taking the most beautiful holiday photos home with you, but about experiencing the moment and enjoying it.