Wellness at home: tips for the whole family

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

Relaxation for the whole family

Have you played your favorite game too many times by now? Have you already explored all the corners of the district? And you’re slowly running out of ideas when it’s cold and uncomfortable outside? We know how to remedy this very quickly!


Take a family wellness day and just have a good time from morning to night. Laugh, have fun and enjoy the time together. How to make the day really relaxed and unique for everyone?

Our tips will tell you:

  • Healthy for the day
    In order to keep the effort as low as possible during the day, a buffet snack is a good idea. This can be prepared wonderfully the night before: pizza muffins, vegetable sticks with homemade dip, a delicious soup, healthy banana bread, colorful fruit salad, …
  • The Morning Alarm Clock
    When the little ones are already jumping around in bed early in the morning and there is no chance of continuing to sleep anyway: Let’s have a pillow fight! It is best to cushion all corners a little beforehand and thus ensure safety. And then it’s 1,2,3 – attack!
  • Face masks for snacking
    Cucumber or quark masks are particularly suitable for this: Simply mix them yourself until they have a creamy, tender consistency and apply to each other. While the masks are taking effect, it’s off to the couch in your bathrobe = cuddle time! Maybe put a sheet over it beforehand so that no cucumber mask ends up there. Or you can make yourself comfortable on the living room carpet or on a large blanket, play Mensch-ärgere-Dich-nicht, listen to music and enjoy family time together.
  • Walk
    Fresh air is important and should of course not be missing on a wellness day, so grab your jackets, cuddle up the kids and go out into the fresh air – maybe to build snowmen, snow angel competitions or simply to the next playground around the corner.
  • Foam Party
    After all the fun in the snow outside in the cold, it’s time to get back into the warmth – preferably in the bathtub with lots of foam. Coloured bath water, colourful bath bombs or punk hairstyles made of foam make bathing even more fun. Explore the exciting underwater world with a snorkel, diving goggles or magic wand and search for a treasure – there are no limits to your imagination.
  • Cuddle and massage time
    Relax in your cuddly bathrobes and make yourself comfortable. You can also use the cuddle time wonderfully for soothing head, hand or foot massages. As a perfect complement to the hand massage, you can paint each other’s fingernails in bright colors – the Moodbooster color pink is totally trendy at the moment.
  • Story or movie time
    The perfect end to a wellness day together: cuddle up to each other, watch one of your favourite films together or read an exciting story. Or maybe you want to come up with a great and adventurous story together? Have a lot of fun!

We wish you a lot of fun and variety while relaxing,

The Hlebaina family