Sustainable living – for and with children

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

In order to preserve a planet for our children and grandchildren that allows them to live a healthy and free life, we all urgently need to rethink. Paths that we take out of comfort and habit must be questioned and retaken. In big as well as in small steps of our daily activities. Less waste, less waste of resources, more awareness of the fact that humans and animals depend on an intact environment and that we have to protect it.

But how can we succeed in involving children here? To bring them in, without pointing fingers, but with joy and conviction. Actually, it’s not that difficult, because children naturally have a keen sense of what is happening around them. They learn from us grown-ups. In conversation, but also in observation. So it’s up to us to exemplify it properly. And to let our children experience nature as something worth protecting and loving. Living more ecologically and consciously is the order of the day. But we are lucky, because the most beautiful way to get there is out into nature! Let your children experience the beauty and diversity of nature for themselves. Feel the seasons and explore magnificent, unspoiled places in the middle of Mother Nature. Be it walks in the woods, hikes, games on small babbling streams and lakes, the sight of mountain peaks or whizzing down on skis or the sled. The conscious perception of clear, fresh air and the conversation about why you don’t leave your garbage on the side of the road.


Impressively and with a lot of dedication, children experience the connection between food and nature when we grow fruit and vegetables with them – even a small balcony is enough for a few pots of harvest happiness. And growing herbs on the windowsill also put down impressive roots in the hearts and consciousness of our children.

The many great new children’s books on the subject of nature conservation and sustainability provide excellent support in recognising how all of our actions on a small scale have an impact on the big picture. For example, it doesn’t always have to be a flight to the other side of the world that promises family holiday happiness. Shorter distances, the deliberate renunciation of flights and the experience of nature as a daily holiday highlight can be wonderful companions.

Also, not everyone can or wants to keep pets. All the more beautiful and important that children get the opportunity to experience the happy togetherness with furry friends. There is little that makes children’s eyes shine more than the prospect of feeding and petting rabbits, goats, cats, dogs or even horses. We are allowed to observe this every day in our hotel and it touches us deeply again and again to experience these special moments.


By the way, sustainable travel is also an absolute trend. Soft or green tourism is more in demand than ever. We see that travel and ecological responsibility are no longer mutually exclusive. We at the Family and Sports Hotel Achensee are also happy to make our contribution here with full conviction in order to enable you to enjoy a conscious and nature-loving holiday with your loved ones. Whenever possible, we source our food from regional suppliers. Milk, sausage and cheese come from happy animals that graze on green meadows and enjoy the sunshine. Avoiding waste is also a matter of course for us. By the way, the fact that we offer most of our cuisine in buffet form is also a conscious decision, because everyone can take exactly that and in the amount they really want. From this freedom of choice, children also learn, with the help of adults, the awareness of the responsible use of food.


We are happy if your stay with us supports you in awakening the sense of sustainability and nature in your children and planting the tender seedling of love for animals and the environment. Because not only since “Fridays for Future” it has become clear to all of us that our children will want and have to deal with all these issues much more critically, progressively and proactively. It is not too late to lovingly support them on this path and to accompany them in a pioneering way in order to preserve a blue home planet for future generations. We therefore want to encourage children to talk about these important topics and bring them closer to them. Above all, however, to simply exemplify sustainability and thus make it a matter of course. After all, what did Greta Thunberg, who was just 16 years old at the time, once say? “I’ve learned that you’re never too small to make a difference.”

We wish you a nature-loving, cheerful and healthy autumn!
The Hlebaina family