Skiing is the best thing to do!

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

Why children should definitely learn to ski these days.

Skiing is the most predestined sport in the Alps. In addition to fun and exercise in the fresh air, this winter sport also focuses on spending time together with friends. In addition, the sport is also a real treat for body and mind. But if you’ve been on a skiing holiday a few times, you also know that you have to dig deep into your pockets when skiing. Is there still enough money and time to go skiing with my whole family?

Skiing: A hobby for life

What begins with sports weeks and ski trips at school, for many also extends into adolescence and adulthood: the enthusiasm for carving, wedeling and the cozy and well-known “refreshment stop” to warm up in the hut. What could be better than grabbing your friends on a sunny winter’s day and making your first tracks on the freshly groomed slopes?

For many, the enthusiasm for skiing also stops for a short time and is then refreshed again when you see your offspring whizzing down the slope on skis for the first few meters. Non-skiers often can’t imagine this indescribable connection to skiing, but we know first-hand: it exists and can be passed on!

The ideal sport for the whole family

Skiing is a real treat for body and soul, whether for young or old. When practicing this popular winter sport, numerous muscle groups of our body are trained. Arm and leg muscles are particularly strained. Skiing also boosts our fat metabolism, improves our coordination skills and strengthens our cardiovascular system! Above all, the promotion of coordination is very important in childhood.

But of course, the fun factor of skiing is also in the foreground. Whether young or old, fooling around on the slopes and telling jokes and singing at the lift are definitely part of it! This also makes skiing a top social sport, where unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships are created.

When your legs need a break or your hands need a warm-up, it’s off to the nearest ski hut for a delicious Kaiserschmarrn or yeast dumpling. This is at least as important as exercise! Above all, it has a very special flair to look at the unique mountain landscape with a hot chocolate while the warm rays of the sun tickle your skin. Don’t forget sun protection!

So many winter alternatives

Skiing on the slopes with the masses is not everyone’s cup of tea. For those who prefer to practice sports in winter for the sake of endurance, there are also some alternatives. What until a few years ago had the status of a senior sport is now considered ultra-modern and healthy: cross-country skiing. Whether in classic or skating style: all generations are represented on the trails. Here, too, you are doing something good for your entire body apparatus.

You have at least as nice an experience on a ski tour with mountain and lake as a backdrop. If you are still inexperienced in the terrain, it is best to try a piste ski tour at the beginning. The reward after the ascent: a wonderful view, a refreshment in the ski hut and afterwards a rewarding descent back into the valley!

Riding on two boards just isn’t for you – have you ever tried snowboarding? It will remain a never-ending argument as to which is cooler or easier. But the good thing is: You can try both and then decide for yourself what you like better. You don’t even have to choose! Many people are proficient in both sports.

Financial outlay

For many families, skiing is simply too much of an effort, especially if you have to take care of the purchase of equipment, clothing, ski passes and hours at the ski school in addition to accommodation and food on a ski holiday. For this reason, more and more families are choosing to rent equipment locally for the time they are here on holiday. We can warmly recommend this option: since children grow up much too quickly anyway, this option definitely pays off.

For children, it is also not so important that they have the latest skis or ski suit, as long as they can still go on the slopes. On many online platforms, cheap and almost new ski suits can be bought by children who have simply grown out of their things after a season.

Family ski resort Christlum

There are 3 ski resorts here at Lake Achensee. One of them, the Christlum family ski area. It is located directly at the Achensee family paradise – the valley station is only a few meters away and you save yourself the annoying packing and the journey as well as the search for a parking space by car every morning. There are not only wide and always perfectly groomed slopes, there is also something for every level of skiing ability, from beginners to professionals.

By the way, ski lessons in our hotel’s own ski school can also be booked directly with us in the family paradise. The little ones don’t have to go far to have fun on the slopes: the practice slope is located right next to us on the hotel grounds next to the Seealm. So the little ones don’t have to go far for the included lunch and mum and dad can take a look at any time before or after skiing and watch the progress. You can also rent equipment in-house and then store it directly in your own drying cupboard – handy, isn’t it?

So we are of the opinion: yes, learning to ski definitely pays off. The shared memories in the snow and the unforgettable time in the snowy mountains simply cannot be replaced by any other winter sport. And if you do something good for your body at the same time, even more!

We wish you a wonderful winter time and wonderfully unforgettable skiing experiences with your loved ones.

The Hlebaina family