Let’s go kids – the mountains are calling!

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

Let’s go kids – the mountains are calling!

When the mountain calls us, we should follow the heart. Let’s go out into nature. Out into the distance. Up to the summit. As always with excursions with children, the secret of success lies in good preparation and planning.

Of course, we are happy to help you with this and have put together a small checklist. Then everything is quickly packed up and nothing is forgotten and you can enjoy the anticipation and the tingling in your stomach the night before when it starts the next morning!

Sporthotel Achensee checklist for a successful mountain tour with the whole family:

  • Plan the tour appropriately according to the age of the little ones. The maximum walking time is 3 to 4 hours and the best routes are those on which small changes and highlights await the children. Whether it’s a mountain lake, a cow pasture, a fountain, a nature trail or a barefoot path, it motivates you all and brings you all fun. Important: also plan breaks generously.
  • Depending on the age of the children, an all-terrain buggy or a carrier is unavoidable, as long as the legs are still short. Of course, we have suitable rental equipment ready for you!
  • Snacks and drinks: we are also happy to pack delicious packed lunches for you or you can put one together yourself at breakfast. Please order at the reception. Everything will be ready for you in the morning. When it comes to drinks, please always plan generously!
  • The right outfit: the popular onion look for children is also perfect here, because you can always react appropriately to the temperature and take off individual layers or put them on. And: good, comfortable shoes are the be-all and end-all for your tour!
  • Choose sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and always apply it once before you go out and also keep in mind that you will probably take off a few layers of clothing later and thus everything should be creamed. Of course, don’t forget to reapply! Headgear for the children is also very important and should always be used.
  • Pack a few small things as a snack : apple slices, nuts, crispbread, fruit squeeze and co. But of course, small sweets should not be missing, such as gummy bears or a lollipop in between. This helps if there is a small slump in tiredness and a little sugar gives the kids energy again.
  • Small emergency kit with plasters, disinfectant spray, wound dressing and ice pack. If necessary, mosquito protection and if it does happen: gel to apply to the bite.
  • A change of clothes for the children. Don’t forget a small diaper bag and spare pacifiers for the little ones!
  • Small things and games have always proven to be a change of pace for the kids: a funny song, a magnifying glass to be able to inspect bugs and other small crawlers in peace or e.g. a set of playing cards for the breaks.

When everything is packed, think of only one thing: Enjoy the family moments with your loved ones in nature. Nowhere else can you switch off faster and conquer the sunny side of life together. Let your souls dangle and return with a great treasure of shared experiences in your heart! We are located for you in the middle of the mountain wonderland and are happy to provide advice and support for your personal tour choice.

We are looking forward to your time in the mountains with us!
The Hlebaina family