Holidays with grandparents: time together that brings people together

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

Unforgettable holidays with the whole family – relaxation, adventure and precious memories for all generations.

Spending time together with family can be very challenging in our fast-paced world. Time is a limited resource – giving everyone enough time becomes increasingly difficult, especially when it goes beyond the generations. The holiday season in particular puts families to the test. Juggling between family and professional life and, on top of that, a varied leisure activity for the children are challenging demands. Grandmas and grandpas, on the other hand, often have more time freedom in retirement and at the same time remain fitter and more active. So what’s wrong with taking advantage of this opportunity and planning a multi-generational vacation or a vacation with grandparents and grandchildren?

Are you also still thinking about whether you should involve grandma and grandpa in your holiday planning next time? Here in this blog post, we will show you the benefits of such holidays and explain to you from our perspective why it can be a wonderful opportunity for you and your loved ones.

Relief for parents

Do you have a busy schedule and don’t know how to reconcile family and career? In this case, grandparents who live nearby are worth their weight in gold. Take the opportunity to ask for help or accept the offer of the grandparents to support you in everyday family life. Even if it’s only for a few hours, as mom and dad you know what can be done in just a few hours or how much strength and new energy you can recharge your batteries with even the shortest Auszeit . But even beyond that, it is important to consider how grandparents can support family life, because not only everyday life is important to master, but also holidays should be the Auszeit where everyone gets their money’s worth. Not every hotel offers daily childcare and especially in this case, a holiday together with grandparents can be an optimal opportunity to really switch off, relax and as selfish as it may sound to have a little me-time or time for two. While you know your kids are well looked after and occupied, you can use the time to do what you feel like doing. In this way, your batteries are fully recharged and the challenges of everyday life can be mastered at home again with ease.

Strengthening family ties

Back in the stress of everyday life, intra-family relationships are often neglected. Even if you plan to spend more time with your relatives in the future, the days and weeks pass far too quickly. A multi-generational Auszeit offers you the opportunity to strengthen the bond between grandparents and the rest of the family. Through joint activities, deep conversations and adventurous experiences, the feeling of togetherness among each other is strengthened and understanding among each other is also promoted. While the grandchildren benefit from the experiences and wisdom of their grandparents, grandparents can enjoy and appreciate the joy and energy of the younger generation. In this way, communication and cohesion in the family is also improved even after the holiday!

Shared activities and experiences

On holiday you have much more time and motivation to discover new things and to experience something. Programs and experiences for children and teenagers with age-appropriate and fun activities are often on the schedule of a family vacation. The older generations, on the other hand, like to use the time to recharge their batteries in the wellness area or to be able to work out with hikes, bike rides and other activities in nature. But there is also enough time on holiday for joint activities such as boat trips on the lake, family hikes or shared moments in the popular excursion destinations. One thing is certain about all these activities: they promote understanding and appreciation of the different interests and skills within the family.

Creating lifelong memories

“Hey Grandma, do you remember when you were on vacation…?”: The memories of a great vacation stay in your memory for a lifetime and weld the family together. These precious moments will certainly be brought up by you again and again and should be cherished in any case! Whether it’s a family photo at the summit cross, the first time a grandchild swims or the nonsense grandpa made while cycling, or simply the family around the campfire – these special moments are always fondly remembered and thus create a deep bond with the whole family.

Leave the stress of everyday life behind you and bring the different generations together! Nothing is more valuable than a close connection with the family that lasts far beyond the holiday.

Perhaps this was exactly the sign that you needed to take this precious step with you and your loved ones. A multi-generational holiday in the family paradise Sporthotel Achensee is the perfect opportunity to share unforgettable moments with each other and strengthen the family bond. Take advantage of this opportunity to create unforgettable memories together and celebrate the love and joy that binds you together as a family.

Soon you will experience your perfect holiday with grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, siblings and of course your little rascals.

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