Happy New Year: How to become a world champion on the water slide

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Happy New Year: How to become a world champion on the water slide

Hip, hip, hooray, the sun is here! On warm days, our small Achensee is transformed into a meeting place for young and old. While the parents cool off in the water or enjoy the sun’s rays on the lounger, the kids slide on the water slide. But what is the fastest way to slide into the cool water?


Professional water slides reach top speeds of almost 100 km/h. That’s almost as fast as a car on the highway. Will you be as fast with these tips from us?

The three-point technique

Wherever the body touches the slide, friction occurs – and this in turn slows you down. Professionals therefore slide with the so-called three-point technique. In doing so, they assume a position in which as few parts of the body as possible touch the slide. And this is how it works: You lie on your back and cross your outstretched legs so that only one heel touches the slide. The buttocks are pushed upwards and the back is stretched. Now only the two shoulder blades should be in contact with the slide.

Do you prefer to slide while sitting? No problem. Bend your upper body forward to reduce drag and also cross your legs so that only one heel rests on the slide. The advantage of this pose is that you can push with your hands.

Gaining momentum

Speaking of pushing. You’ve probably experienced this before: When you start on the slide, you’re slower at first – and over time you get faster and faster. Similar to a stone that gradually starts rolling on a slope. In order not to lose precious time when starting on the water slide, it is worth taking a lot of momentum. This way you can start faster. You can push off well on the handrail! Professionals dry the bar with a towel beforehand to have a better grip.

The right outfit

Bikini, swimsuit, tight swimming trunks, or rather a wide one? When bathing, you should only wear what you really feel comfortable in. However, swim shorts are not the best choice for breaking speed records on the water slide. The sloppy fabric acts like a brake parachute on the wet track and slows you down.

Food of the Champions

The heavier you are, the more speed you can achieve. At professional sliding championships, there is even sliding in different weight classes so that the lighter participants are not at a disadvantage. So it’s best to grab a good bite again at our breakfast or lunch buffet. But please remember to wait at least an hour after eating before you set out to break the sound barrier on the slide. You should never go into the water with a full stomach. The professionals don’t do that either.


The right position is just as crucial for the speed on the water slide as the swing, the weight and the bathing outfit. What is your speed record on our water slide? Just stop your time and compare how many seconds you improve with the tips. Enjoy!

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