Football camp at Lake Achensee

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? “PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS!”

Dribbling like Lionel Messi or holding balls like Manuel Neuer: What child doesn’t dream of being a professional player in a sold-out stadium for their favourite club in the future? Kick balls with friends every day or continue club training on holiday. Over a delicious dinner, mum and dad talk about how well they performed in training today and who made which misstep. That’s what counts for the sporty and football-loving boys and girls!

Why does this sport make thousands of club members around the globe so happy?

We have dealt with this topic and worked out these 5 reasons:

  • Football can be played anywhere and anytime : goals are quickly improvised – then all you have to do is grab the ball and your friend and you’re ready to go! The rules are also known to (almost) everyone and otherwise they are quickly explained and easy to remember.
  • The combination of excitement, games and fun makes this ball sport more unique than any other. The passion of the players and spectators is palpable and enthusiastic. The unpredictable course and outcome of the game also make football so exciting and captivating.
  • Football connects! If children have been playing together in the team for many years, lifelong friendships can develop here, team spirit is promoted and important character traits are strengthened. Nothing unites as much as celebrating shared successes!
  • In the men’s sport, friendships are not only formed within the club, but also between the fans, when the same team can be cheered on and talked shop about. Is there anything better than experiencing the great atmosphere in the stadium when an important game is coming up?
  • Fast running with the ball, dribbling through slalom poles, stopping abruptly or scoring goals: the varied training of coordination and technique exercises not only promotes motor skills, but also strengthens the immune system through exercise in the fresh air.

Practice makes perfect – training in the family paradise Achensee
After we had let these facts go through our heads in the hotel, we couldn’t let go of the thought: Children and young people should also have the opportunity to develop their sports during their holiday with us in the family paradise! That’s why we have set up a cooperation with the Bavarian Football Academy and thus offer professional training. The training plan includes technique and headshot training, tactics training and nutritional advice. The football camp takes place during the summer holidays, children from the age of 6 can attend for 2x four hours a week (Thu and Fri). After the holiday, the boys and girls impress their friends at home with new tricks and optimized technology. Great, isn’t it?

Ready for kick-off?
The newly learned playing techniques can then be used right away and challenge the other players in competitions. While mum and dad proudly cheer on their budding young talents from the sidelines, our professional coaches from competitive sports clubs are on the lookout for new talents and, if suitable, arrange trial training appointments. The dream of being a professional player is getting closer!

More information about our football camp can be found here.

Look forward to a varied summer holiday with us at Lake Achensee,

The Hlebaina family