Family and job in balance

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

“Keeping your balance is the most successful movement in life.”

– F. Beutelrock –

Dear Family Paradise Friends,

the compatibility of family and career is on everyone’s lips today. For the most part, our parents’ generation still served the old patterns here and so we have few lived personal role models to orient ourselves to.

Most of the time, it is power parents from politics, film and television that we have in mind as an “optimal example” when we think about it. But this is where the problem starts in our minds. Because not everyone has their grandparents or, alternatively, their supernanny within reach. Not everyone is their own boss and can react flexibly with working hours to the fever of the minis, which appears without warning. During the long period of the pandemic, the often great challenge has of course multiplied once again.

So how could this lively game of daily life be better mastered if you are not Superman or Superwoman? Is it really enough to just plan and time well?

We say no, because there are far too many imponderables involved, especially with children. For it to succeed, good organization is certainly the basis of the Stapelmännchenturm, but there is more to it than that. But let’s take it one step at a time. As you can see, we’re juggling several balls just thinking about this topic.

Today we would like to inspire you to question: What is really important? What helps? And which of the daily challenges could be reducible?


1. The base

We need solid ground under our feet to stay in balance. Again and again, jumps and pirouettes are demanded in everyday life. But parents should always be careful to regularly find their way back to a safe footing afterwards. This means that it must not only be about work, it must not only be about the children, but also about the artists of life itself: you parents. It’s about you as parents, as a couple and as individuals. Focusing on yourself is not selfish, but existential.

So first of all, a good organization must be set up that brings all plannable topics such as daycare, school, birthdays, cooking, household, etc. into line with time, at least formally. However, this should deliberately leave time slots for personal moments. To recharge your batteries. To clear your head. Or just take a deep breath. These can be small moments, like a steaming cup of coffee. A jog in the sunshine. The weekly yoga class. Or a romantic dinner for two, while the children are well taken care of by the grandparents or the babysitter. Be aware of these little time-outs and we promise you it will benefit everyone involved equally.

2. The Net

With children, the best planning is often swept away within seconds. Be it that in the morning the choice of clothes already leads to an explosion of emotions or that there is the wrong muesli in the bowl. There’s always something that throws the schedule upside down. Then the most important thing is to stay calm. Breath. And keep calm again.

Small issues such as clothing choices can be solved, for example, by making a joint selection the night before. Bigger ones like “I’ll never go to daycare again!” only with patience. It’s better to either take your time right away or if it’s really not possible because the meeting with the boss is coming up, try to explain it, but make it clear that you have heard it, take it seriously and talk about it together in the afternoon. Such promises should always be kept, because then children can trust that the family network is firm and safe and that they can rely on each other in both directions. This internal network is of enormous importance in order to be able to keep the balance for everyone even on stressful days.

But the external network also needs to be established and maintained. Work appointments can sometimes only be realized by the grandparents, the babysitter or the beloved neighbors who can step in. Family-like, but also extended relationships of trust are essential. Be it grandma or babysitter. There should always be a plan B if all else fails and you have to go to an appointment. Just knowing that there is an emergency plan in place creates relief and relaxation.

Anyone who regularly nurtures and maintains the inner and also the extended network to the outside will experience an enormous relief. In today’s world, unfortunately, grandparents are often not close enough (or too endangered by Corona). But it is precisely then that it is of enormous importance to join forces with friendly families and neighbors and to throw out mutual “emergency umbrellas”. And if you offer this in return, it is no longer so difficult to accept “foreign” help. Alone we are strong – together we are even stronger, is the maxim here.


3. Avoid time and energy guzzlers

Parents should critically examine the day from time to time and filter out which moments always lead to challenges. If, for example, it is doing the homework, a fixed rule provides a remedy: Only those who have done their homework can make an appointment with their friend. Or is it rather the things of everyday life such as shopping or housekeeping? Legal changes have just been announced for families for 2022 to make domestic help more affordable for all families. Whenever possible, it is essential to take advantage of these social advances. One less weekly cleaning gives you a few hours of freedom! Find out more and take advantage of support services offered by the government. For example, the big weekly shopping can now be done online. This saves energy and time, which can be used more profitably elsewhere.

What we’re trying to say is that it’s important for all of us to make a tabula rasa from time to time and find out where annoying time killers are hiding that aren’t necessary and maybe just out of habit in the challenging form.


4. The happiness of leisure

In addition to the short time-outs, it is very healing and invigorating to plan islands of relief and shared happiness again and again. Oases of relaxation and tranquility. Times when the clock is allowed to slow down.

For most, that’s the family vacation. Whenever possible, you should choose a destination with a varied children’s program and great offers for every member of the family. With us you will always find the perfect setting for this at the beautiful Achensee. Maybe you know us and already know that. If we haven’t been able to welcome you yet, it’s high time. Be sure, with us young and old can recharge their batteries wonderfully and experience unforgettable moments full of joy as a family at Lake Achensee.

With this in mind, we wish you a balanced and stress-free time!
The Hlebaina family