Colorful poinsettia

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

Craft idea for contemplative hours

At Christmas, there is nothing better than decorating windows or Christmas trees with handicrafts . Especially when they shine enchantingly in many bright colors. So grab the paper and let’s go!

PS: The colorful stars are also great as a homemade gift or souvenir for your loved ones!


All you need is…

– 8 sheets of colored tracing paper
– Glue/adhesive film

– Step 1: Fold the first sheet in the middle over the long side.
– Step 2 & 3: Open the sheet again and fold all four corners so that their edges are exactly at the center line.
– Step 4: Now fold the bottom two edges to the middle so that it looks like a small dragon.
– Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the remaining sheets.
– Step 6: Now glue all parts together in an anti-clockwise direction until the star is closed.

Then you can hang them on your window or Christmas tree with the help of a thread.

Have fun tinkering,

The Hlebaina family