Christmas traditions

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What is the significance of traditions and festivals for children?

“Traditions are like bridges. From old to new shores. From person to person. From heart to heart.”


Dear Family Paradise Friends,

we are in the middle of Advent. Four weeks full of magic, full of anticipation and full of beloved rituals. Because perhaps the biggest festival in our culture with its countless traditions is coming up. Christmas!

Young and old alike love to live, preserve and recreate customs. Why? Why do they play such an important role in all cultures and in all forms of coexistence? What family traditions are there and what makes them so important and valuable for us humans? And what do they mean for the development of our children’s attitude to life? Rituals are usually developed and lived in the family, but they are also always related to the culture and society in which the family lives. Because they are always linked to values. In other words, the core of our coexistence.


Family traditions

at Christmas in Tyrol

Having a family tradition is like a lighthouse in the storm of life. It provides support. And strengthens the feeling of togetherness. In calm as well as stormy weather conditions. Traditions help to preserve memories of special moments that shape us. That guide and direct us and let us remember with a warm and comforting feeling in our stomach. Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree together, baking with grandma during the Advent season, dyeing Easter eggs in spring, pottering around with grandpa in the garden, a family holiday at the annual place of longing. It is these special moments that give us strength and fill us with deep joy. Precious moments of lived togetherness.

Small Moments of Everyday Happiness

But a custom can also include small moments of everyday happiness. Breakfast or dinner together. The reading of the bedtime story. A common food saying. The many rituals and customs that guide and enrich our family life give children the opportunity to orient themselves, support and strength to build their inner strength . They also help to relax, because in these moments everyone knows what to do and what to expect. Everything follows familiar patterns. Thanks to these reliable structures, we feel connected to each other as family, friends or, on a larger scale, as culture. Values are preserved and lived out of this inner motivation. Often across generations. Sometimes paused customs are only reactivated when you start your own family. A piece of our own childhood returns to our hearts and everyday lives and we share it with our own children.

There is only one rule: traditions and customs should be enjoyable and must be lived and changed together . To be allowed to adapt to the family. For example, the traditions with small children are different from those with teenagers. Each of the participants must feel comfortable so that a custom can develop its strengthening and unifying effect. As our children grow, so does the treasure of family traditions grow with them from year to year. Only then will they be able to live up to their purpose: to convey security, belonging and security .

Special traditions in the family paradise

By the way, we are also true traditions and customs are loved and lived in the family paradise. Internally for us as a family, but just as much with our guests. Whether it’s the evening visit from our mascot Smiley, the family breakfast together as a start to an eventful day, the short evening walk, the cheerful sleigh ride, or the day of skiing on your favorite slope. Here with us, the soil is particularly nutritious to establish or continue the most beautiful and happy traditions !

We wish you a traditional and happy Advent season.
The Hlebaina family