Angel without wings is called mom

by | 15.04.2020 | Stories

Angel without wings is called mom

Soon the time has come and we can look forward to Mother’s Day with you! Even on the previous days, there was a lot of painting, gluing, folding and whispering.

Maybe you moms feel the same way that this anticipation of the children is perhaps the best thing about the whole of Mother’s Day. And also that feeling of happiness when, while tidying up, you unexpectedly come across small treasures in the drawer that were supposedly stowed away in a mummy-safe way. When you look around with a smile to see if you really haven’t been caught and try to put the work back in the drawer. So I quickly closed it again very carefully and then pretended to be completely surprised on the big day. I’m sure you know what we mean…

So, don’t forget, May 10, 2020 is Mother’s Day! We don’t know of any other celebration where moms are even allowed to rejoice repeatedly and completely without any action on their part. In the morning, breakfast may already be set and small attentions are already waiting to be opened. Short loving letters, a bouquet of flowers or a voucher for a massage at mom’s favourite hotel. Everything is possible and it is quite certain that the mum in the house will be beaming with joy on this day.

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Mother’s Day – experience wonderfully fulfilling family moments together!

Kind regards, Family Hlebaina