Reading is a boundless childhood adventure!

by | 22.06.2023 | Stories

Sparkle, fancy, sparkle!

Autumn is here and with it the cozy evenings at home begin. A fragrant cup of tea, a warm blanket… And what makes happiness perfect? A wonderful book! Children can literally sink into exciting books and what could be better than snuggling up close to mum or dad on exciting literary journeys. And the best part? We grown-ups also love to read a rousing, touching, humorous or sometimes thought-provoking children’s book . And since we are parents of now grown-up children ourselves, we know all this all too well and always like to remember these moments with such a warm and beautiful feeling in our stomachs.

We always found it best to share timeless classics with our girls.

Whether it’s Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, the Little Prince, Struwwelpeter, Momo, Three Question Marks, Robber Hotzeplotz… Or later Harry Potter… We have taken them all to our hearts. All these classics tell stories that are so enchanting and beautifully written that they stay in your head and heart. Forever.

By the way, even when viewed quite soberly, reading with children has many important tasks: It has a positive effect on cognitive and linguistic abilities in many ways, whether it is the expansion of vocabulary, the strengthening of expression, the promotion of the ability to concentrate or – last but not least – the inspiring of the imagination.

That’s why it was a matter close to our hearts to create a place in the hotel that is entirely dedicated to books. You will find our small, precious selection of classics, new releases and bestseller list winners in the children’s club. We cordially invite you to experience the treasures of books with your children.

Have fun browsing and dreaming at home and soon back with us in the family paradise!

The Hlebaina family