Family summer happiness at Lake Achensee

by | 14.08.2020 | Stories

Family summer happiness at Lake Achensee

Dear mountain lovers,

Do you still remember the carefree and endlessly long summers of childhood, when you roamed through gardens and meadows with a magnifying glass cup in search of beetles and other cute colorful creepy crawlies? And then carefully manoeuvred it into the cup to take a devoted look at it? Happiness grew with every new visitor in the beaker almost immeasurably. Carefree freedom felt like that back then.

It’s a bit like that in our hotel. We accompany you, our dear guests, with a lot of heart and soul in search of summer happiness and so you will find it in the most diverse variants and forms everywhere in and around the hotel. Full of joy, curiosity and the desire for summer happiness in your luggage, your personal holiday happiness glass will quickly be filled to the brim with wonderful and unforgettable Achensee family moments. Experience the summer in its wonderful, versatile beauty and blaze of colour. Collect the big and small moments of perfect happiness.


We would be very happy to fill your family happiness jar as well! See you very soon in the family summer paradise Sporthotel Achensee!

The Hlebaina family
& the Sporthotel Achensee Team

Our summer highlights for lucky collectors are endless

But we would still like to tell you a few to make your anticipation of the relaxing Auszeit with us even greater. Take a large jar with a screw cap and fill it with great, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet feelings of happiness:

  • the first jump of the summer into the glittering Achensee
  • a ride on the back of our beautiful horses
  • the first glass of wine under the stars on our Seealm terrace
  • looking into the shining eyes and smiling faces of your little ones at the varied children’s programme
  • Follow the call of the mountain and let the wind of freedom blow around your nose
  • perfect the handicap on the golf course
  • perfect kicking, dribbling and shooting at goal at the sports field in Achenkirch
  • conquer the Karwendel Nature Park directly from our door with your hiking boots or on your bike
  • Start the day relaxed at the breakfast table on the sunny Seealm terrace
  • Dive into the inviting natural swimming pond or one of the crystal-clear, cool mountain lakes
  • Wellness, take a deep breath, ground yourself, relax – find your own center again
  • Daydreaming and letting a good book carry you away into the distance
  • Water balloon fights, air mattress rally and ice cream sundae eating competitions – everyone will win, namely the great summer happiness
  • dream sweetly and forget the time together in our rooms and suites, which are equipped with everything a family’s heart desires