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We are family.

Who better to run a family hotel than a family? We are the Hlebaina Family, and we are family people.

We are familiar with both the challenges of family life and those beautiful, very special family moments.

We know what makes families different from other groups of guests, what they value and how different the needs within a family can be.

We are passionate about and face those complex requirements every day – in our own family life and that of our guests.

Children, children.

There is still a little bit of the child in us, and we are trying to keep things that way. It helps us to keep our sense of fun and put ourselves in the shoes of our youngest guests. Our committed childcare and children's activity staff could not agree more. They never tire of romping around with the kids and are up for all types of family fun.


Here in our family paradise, it's not unheard of for one of our chefs to suddenly appear in the sand pit to help the children bake the best sand cakes in the world, or for our caretaker to bring out his toolbox to build a raft with some little pirates.

We call these moments our family moments.

Our guests are our playmates.