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We are family.

Who better to run a family hotel than a family? We are the Hlebaina Family, and we are family people.

We are familiar with both the challenges of family life and those beautiful, very special family moments.

We know what makes families different from other groups of guests, what they value and how different the needs within a family can be.

We are passionate about and face those complex requirements every day – in our own family life and that of our guests.

With ski school and sports shop to the top children's hotel

1989 - 1999

We took courage, family spirit, heart and soul, team spirit, vision and also a tiny portion of luck at the right time in the right place. And then, shortly after with the right amount of time and patience we obtained our little, beloved family paradise.

As you can imagine, ever since the foundation of the ski school and the sports shop in 1989 it has always been busy around here. We added the hotel a few years later (at that time as a simple apartment house). Only shortly before the turn of the millennium we began to live and love our orientation and passion as a children's hotel.


As one of the top 7 5-Smiley Kinderhotels in Austria and the first in the Achensee region, we quickly decided to expand the hotel to the north-west.

In addition to our cuddly house cats, Schnuggi and Wuschel, we have also expanded our family with further furry members: our heart-loving Icelanders, Blacky and Maxi, our stubborn but lovable goats, Liesl and Heidi and our cuddly soft rabbits and guinea pigs, Chip, Chap, Max and Moritz.

The Seealm at the small Achensee

1998 bis 2001

By the way, have you already noticed? Our little Achensee, which we created right at the beginning, has the same shape as the famous Achensee. Its additionally name "little" is therefore well deserved! So there we were, sitting on the shore of our own glittering Achensee, looking at the still small, traditional log cabin - even then it was our Seealm - in front of us, which we liked very much from the start, and thinking about how we could preserve it and put it to good use. We quickly realized that what we wanted was not just an alteration, but an extension. The new Seealm had to be trendy and timeless. We feel that we have succeeded quite well, when the Seealm turns out to be the heart of the family paradise. Here we eat, bathe, toast, stop for a bite to eat, listen to the music and laugh. A little later we build a secure path underground to provide more comfort and safety.

Always on the pulse of time

Children's wellness, children's horseback riding, children's golf, ...

We also showed the right sense when we ventured into the still quite unknown topic of children's wellness. Under the slogan "Mummy, I'm having a peeling!", we became Europe's first Kid's Beauty Center! Within the development of the emerging mega-trend, we were forerunners with our four main pillars: Massage, Exercise, Cosmetics and Nutrition. New ideas and concepts followed year after year. For example, our taster golf and taster horse riding for children, our legendary Shrove Monday Ball and the weekly ski races, and many more settings in which unforgettable family moments are ´created and collected.

Hotel extension and horse stable

Another centerpiece to our family paradise

With a motivating, successful tailwind, the southern hotel extension followed. soon after. And also the stables were not only the home of our four four-legged friends. In the meantime, 9 Haflingers and 2 Icelandic horses belong to our large Sporthotel Achensee family. This has created another valuable centerpiece of our paradise in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps.

Our team and our philosophy ...

... which make your vacation an unforgettable experience!

With the increasing size of the hotel, of course, our team grew as well. Full of pride and joy, we then expanded our staff house. Because one thing is a matter close to our heart: great family moments can only be collected in places where the environment is 100% safe and cozy and, above all, filled with respect and love. Simply said- a beautiful place on earth where big and small explorers feel at home.

Even though at our place everything seems to stay the same, we love to constantly adapt and evolve for and especially with our guests. For us, standstill is not an option. We are full of excitement for everything that we will come up with for you. And you can definitely be excited too!