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COVID-19 measures in the Familienparadies Sporthotel Achensee for this year's winter 2020/21

Family holidays in winter- you bet - and it will be just as perfect as ever. Promise! We look forward to seeing you!

We set ourselves the aim to create unforgettable family moments, so that you can experience and enjoy them together with your loved ones.

Despite the fact, that COVID-19 has not left significant marks in Achenkirch since the beginning, the Austrian Federal government decided to tighten the measures nationally. We see it as our responsibility to point out current regulations, restraints, measures and recommendations for your winter holidays at the Achensee.

Pretty flexible - we have adjusted the cancellation conditions. Bookings until April 2020 can be cancelled free of charge up to 1 day before arrival, when one of the following circumstances occur.

Our adjusted cancellation conditions for bookings in winter 2020/21

Unburdened holidays – that is what we wish us for you this winter. Plan and enjoy your time as always.

Therefore, we guarantee assurance. For bookings until April 2021 we offer the possibility to cancel your holidays up to 1 day before arrival, when one of the following circumstances is applicable:

  • we are not reachable for you due to boarder closures
  • a travel warning from your home country has been issued for Austria, Tyrol or the destination Achensee
  • an obligation quarantine has been issued for homeward-bound travelers coming from Austria, Tyrol or the destination Achensee
  • you have been tested positive for COVID-19 (submission of the positive test result is mandatory)

If one of these circumstances applies, we of course cancel your booking free of charge. Your deposit will convert into a voucher with no expiration date and it is redeemable for a future holiday at any time. By request we can also refund the deposit onto your account.

Otherwise, the Austrian terms of contract for the hotel industry apply: up to 3 months before arrival we charge a processing fee of Euro 30.00. From 3 months to 1 month before arrival we charge 40%, from 1 month before arrival we charge 70% and 1 week before arrival, or in case of late arrival or early departure we charge 90% of the total room price.

To ensure perfectly safe cancellation conditions we recommend concluding a travel insurance. Especially travelling with children can be uncertain, gain more security aside from COVID-19 - by clicking here, you will be forwarded directly to the European travel insurance.


We adhere to all predetermined decisions and measure

Concurrently, we want to respond flexibly on constraints and relaxations, hence short-term changes are possible.

Holidays in safety for you and our employees

The measures are implemented on our part on the one hand, on the other hand we ask for your help. That is why we would like to encourage you to pay special attention to and adhere to the following measures during your stay with us in the Familienparadies.

The measures are especially orchestrated to ensure safety for you and our employees, and yet not severly restrict your holidays.

  • keep a minimum distance of 1 meter to others
  • cover mouth and nose in all public areas (restaurant, kid’s club, sports shop,…)
  • disinfect your hands before entering the buffet areas
  • use disposable gloves when entering the buffet areas
  • avoid crowded areas in the restaurant, reception and other public areas
  • children up to 6 years are not allowed at the buffet (to keep the number of people to a minimum)
  • do not hug or shake hands
  • sneeze or cough into the elbow or into a handkerchief
  • wash your hands several times a day for min. 30 seconds with water and soap
  • only use the elevator with people living in the same household
  • pay your bills by credit card if possible
  • if you have any signs of disease, please contact our team immediately

Each one of us probably caught oneself in neglecting a rule, whether it was intended or not is currently irrelevant. To get out something positive from this situation, we need to work together. Put vanity aside and be more responsible, thoughtful and appreciative. The thought of not being able to change anything on your own is the wrong approach. Only when everyone is sensible, we can defy the saying ‘exceptions confirm the rules’.

Our measures and changes to ensure safety for your winter holidays 2020/21

Public areas


    • Often touched surfaces, such as door and window handles, light switches, railings, etc. are increasingly cleaned depending on the frequency.
    • General sanitary areas, especially control buttons, fittings and door handles are increasingly cleaned. If possible, we recommend using the toilet in your room.
    • We have always provided sufficient soap for the necessary hand washing, as well as disposable towels in all public sanitary areas.
    • Disinfectant dispensers are installed at central touch points in the hotel.
    • We recommend taking your own strollers, board games, etc. this time.

    Baby and child care

    • Sick and ailing children are not allowed to enter the kids club.
    • Please register your children for each program item in the list at the workbench.
    • The joined meals with the kids club are currently not taking place.
    • Each child should bring their own drinking bottle with their name.

    Gastronomy and meals

    • In the Seealm (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and partly dinner) as well as in the restaurant (partly dinner), each family is assigned to a table.
    • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and the children's dinner are buffet style, while dinner for adults consists of both dishes from the buffet (soup, salads and cheese) and served dishes (starter, soup, main course, dessert).
    • In order to keep an appropriate number of people in our hotel restaurant during peak season due to COVID-19, we invite you to dine in our Seealm two times a week, for organizational reasons we will select the days for you. You can choose between the evening menu, a fondue or a regional healthy meal.
    • A disinfectant dispenser is attached at the buffet entrance, as well as disposable gloves, which must be used when entering.
    • In order to keep the number of people at the buffet to a minimum, we kindly ask children up to 6 years not to enter the buffet areas.
    • A new cottage is placed on the Seealm terrace where we offer an additional meal during lunch time to rectify our lunch buffet.
    • The hotel bar will be relocated into the Seealm, as there is enough space and plenty possibilities to let in fresh air continuously.

    Maid service

    • Rooms are cleaned following the top down cleaning system from Hollu. As a result, room cleaning is systematic and standardised.
    • Increased emphasis on airing.
    • After each departure the room cleaning in particular will be completed thoroughly, paying special attention to objects that commonly have been touched a lot, such as remote controls, handles and light switches.
    • For reasons of hygiene, the minibar will continue to be filled only on request.

    Bathing area

    • When entering the bathing area (swimming pool, sauna, relaxation rooms, fresh air grotto, etc.), we ask that you to keep a minimum distance of 1 meter at all times to others.
    • The premises are cleaned regularly, to provide more safety, a disinfectant for sunbeds and pads is available for independent use.

    Rental service

    • Equipment that you can borrow from the sports shop must be returned to an employee. This is the only way to ensure proper disinfection.
    • For hygienic reasons and if possible, we suggest bringing your own strollers, stretchers, etc. for this year's stay. If this is not possible, you can of course still borrow them.

    We kindly ask our guests to take care of themselves as well as be considerate towards others

    Especially in following situations:

    • Ski school starts at 9.30 am, please prepare yourself well in advance to avoid crowed situations in the ski deposit.
    • The lunch break in the ski school is 90 minutes, the buffet is open until 1.30 pm, alternatively you can get a classic Austrian skier lunch in our new cottage on the Seealm terrace.
    • Our pool and sauna area is open daily from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, please keep the end of the ski school in mind (3.00 pm) – a suggestion, during ski school it is the perfect time to relax there, break ranks and try something different.
    • To keep the number of people in our kids club to a minimum we kindly ask only one parent per family to bring and pick up the child(ren).
    • Considering the safety of other guest, we kindly ask you to not bring your child(ren) into the kids club when he/she is showing symptoms of illness (coughing, sneezing, fever, …) – thank you for your understanding.