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COVID-19 measures in the Familienparadies Sporthotel Achensee

Family holidays - you bet - and it will be just as perfect as ever. Promise! We look forward to seeing you!

We set ourselves the aim to create unforgettable family moments, so that you can experience and enjoy them together with your loved ones.

Despite the fact, that COVID-19 has not left significant marks in Achenkirch since the beginning, the Austrian Federal government decided to tighten the measures nationally. We see it as our responsibility to point out current regulations, restraints, measures and recommendations for your family holidays at the Achensee.

Pretty flexible - we have adjusted the cancellation conditions. Holidays until November 2021 can be cancelled free of charge up to 1 day before arrival, when one of the following circumstances occur.

Our adjusted cancellation conditions for your holidays

Unburdened holidays – that is what we wish us for you. Plan and enjoy your time as always.

Therefore, we guarantee assurance. For holidays until November 2021 we offer the possibility to cancel your holidays up to 1 Month before arrival, and even 1 day before arrival, when one of the following circumstances is applicable:

  • we are not reachable for you due to boarder closures
  • a travel warning from your home country has been issued for Austria, Tyrol or the destination Achensee
  • an obligation quarantine has been issued for homeward-bound travelers coming from Austria, Tyrol or the destination Achensee
  • you have been tested positive for COVID-19 (submission of the positive test result is mandatory)

If one of these circumstances applies, we of course cancel your booking free of charge. Your deposit will convert into a voucher with no expiration date and it is redeemable for a future holiday at any time. By request we can also refund the deposit onto your account.

Otherwise, the Austrian terms of contract for the hotel industry apply: applicable only for holidays from Dezember 2021 - up to 3 months before arrival we charge a processing fee of Euro 30,00 and from 3 months to 1 month before arrival we charge 40%. Applicable for all holidays - from 1 month before arrival we charge 70% and 1 week before arrival, or in case of early departure or late arrival we charge 90% of the room price.

To ensure perfectly safe cancellation conditions we recommend concluding a travel insurance. Especially travelling with children can be uncertain, gain more security aside from COVID-19 - by clicking here, you will be forwarded directly to the European travel insurance.


We adhere to all predetermined decisions and measure

Concurrently, we want to respond flexibly on constraints and relaxations, hence short-term changes are possible.

Please give us a little bit more time ...

Due to the still ongoing lockdown, we can not yet give you any concrete information about our measures for your upcoming summer holidays. As soon as we can better assess the situation, we will inform you here again about all applicable measures at our family paradise.