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Beach holiday at the Achensee

A true pleasure in Tyrol

A holiday at the Achensee is a pleasure for all the senses.

At 6.8 square kilometres, the largest lake in Tyrol is a popular holiday destination in summer and winter alike.

Surrounded by the magnificent mountains of the Karwendel and Rofan ranges, the holiday region offers countless alpine leisure and recreational activities for the whole family.

Flora and fauna

The excellent water quality (drinking water) and the largely undeveloped banks make Lake Achen a species-rich habitat. Numerous species of fish, birds, and other small creatures find ideal living conditions here - despite tourism!


And the perfect backdrop for picturesque holidays - summer and winter alike.


Lake Achen is a true natural lake that was created by glaciers in the surrounding mountains after the last ice age.

The crystal-clear lake is flanked by the mountain slopes of the Karwendel massif and the Rofan mountain range.

Subterranean inflows from sources in Ampelsbach, Dürrach, and Achenkirch provide the lake with water.

The favourable altitude with 380 m difference in altitude from the Inn valley makes Lake Achen a natural energy store.

An underground tunnel was built from Seespitz to the hydroelectric power plant in Jenbach in 1927.