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Vitamin S.

S like spa ... S like soothing ... S like satisfying ... Fill up on pure happiness with our revitalising baths and body treatments. For that perfect sense of wellbeing, we use vegan care products from Comfort Zone and Hyapur.

Feeling good.

The scent of aromatic oils, the feeling of gentle hands on your skin and soothing, massaging movements. Experience your very own sense of wellbeing with a relaxing massage or cosmetic treatment from our spa range.


Our professional spa team offers a wide range of soothing facials. From revitalizing, restorative and rejuvenating, to anti-ageing eye treatments and acne treatment.

We also offer refreshing facials and relaxing body massages just for men.

Cosmetical treatments:

Our spa range naturally also includes all the standard services of a good beauty salon such as make-up, manicure, pedicure, hair removal and eyebrow correction.

Body treatments and baths:

Enjoy our selection of rituals, exfoliation treatments and relaxing baths.


Relaxing massage, lymph drainage, foot reflexology massage... We will find the right massage for you in a personal consultation.

Cleansing and firming treatments:

Try our packs and wraps and experience their cleansing and firming effect.


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Spa vitality.

Wellness …  Relief … Wellbeeing …