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A world of their own.

Wellness for the whole family

"Mum, why do you have a slice of cucumber on your face?" ... one of our young guests once wondered, with a laugh as hearty as only a child's laugh can be.

As curiosity is part of children's nature, the little girl was soon lying next to her mum on the beauty couch, her eyes also covered with slices of cucumber. Ever since that day, we have offered a lot more child-friendly spa options than just cucumber slices.

For children aged six years and over we offer weekly included kid's wellness session within the group.

Please note that our children's wellness offer is only available during the holiday season.

Spa fun for children.


On top of the world.

Children like to copy their adult role models. Also – or perhaps more importantly – they like to be pampered. That is why Familienparadies Sporthotel Achensee has spa programmes for children. In our kids beauty centre, Flüsterzone, our children's spa experts make sure your little ones have a relaxing and refreshing time, and give them valuable tips on a healthy lifestyle. Our spa options for children include nutrition, massage, cosmetics, yoga and much more. We raise food awareness through a blindfold food guessing game. Children not only receive massages, but can also try their hand at massaging or applying an organic curd facial... putting an even broader smile on their faces.


Please refer to our spa folder for our range of children's treatments and prices.

Children's wellness in the sports hotel

For an even broader child smile on the face.